CableMon v.

Project start date: october 2003   
Status: Reactivated   

CableMon - Cable Traffic Monitoring Tool

- this tool will monitor the traffic on installed ethernet adapters; it logs the data (received/sent) size, not the content itself.
- it shows the total/average traffic, and download/upload speeds using a nice graphic;
- it keeps a log with the trafic during last month;
- it can log traffic on a custom port;
- require WinPcap to be installed altough it works also without pcap drivers;

System requirements: Pentium 500, 32Mb RAM
OS:Win95,Win98 ,Win2k ,WinXP, Vista, Win 7 + WinPcap drivers provided inside setup.

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What's new in latest release: - 6 sept 2011
-this version has become FREEWARE;

-windows 7 support;
-various fixes no major enhancements: on W7 when you click the Network icon, it will Pop-up the “Local area network” Properties dialog; on doubleclick it will open the “Network Connections”; traffic graph will show correctly also on w98; Connection Duration will show proper time on vista&w7 in which some structures have been changed; fixed some problems with tray icon clicking when app hide/show; -handles more friendly network connections, ie on laptops where the adapters go away to save power; no more message boxes showing when no adapters found due to this Issue;
-Connection’s Maximum Speed in Options box supports 5digit numbers; 99999x1024kb = 12.21MB; for example, if you set 40960 as Max Speed, you will have 5MB speed; Usually the internet provides give you the Mb (megabit) speeds because it’s greater, They’ll tell you, you have 40Mbit/s speed, which is in fact 40/8=5MB/s (mega byte);
-setup contains winpcap setups 3.1 for win9x and 4.1.2 (the latest) for NT (w2k-w7) and it will choose when to install the correct version; it will also check if the CableMon is running when installing/uninstalling versions; - 21 april 2008
-fixed a bug related to tray icon not showing in/out status after computer standby;
-fixed a number of bugs which produced crashes in some situations; also fixed some memory leaks; fixed the log window, not showing daily traffic if CableMon runned nonstop more days;
-updated this help; documented (or offered better explanations) to the
"undocumented" Options;
-added automatic installer; winpcap driver included;
-added option to monitor custom ports; you can view traffic log for the last months, up to 1 year;
- 3 april 2005

-fixed an bug related to WM_SYSCOLORCHANGE;bad text color on some controls;
-single instance limit;
-log viwer;
-sorry,CableMon is no longer free; - 15 april 2004

- few options were added; you can select Info Mode on traffic graph;
- progress bars to display In/Out data;
- fixed a bug with counters(not showing right things when passing midnight);



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