eZWeather v.

Project start date: october 2005  
Status: In work  

is a little proggie which gets the weather from accuweather.com . The temperature is displayed as an icon in tray window. It has the ability to change trillian's & yahoo's away status messages to show the temperature + winamp playing song.

Run setup.exe.

Requirements: Pentium 166, 32Mb RAM
MSIE 5.0 or higher
OS:Win98,Win2k ,WinXP,Vista,W7

click image

Download eZWeather (Freeware)  

What's new in latest release: - 9 october 2016
-fixed broken functionality; - 9 october 2013

-fixed images on main interface; - 8 march 2012
-added some errors treatement when setting YM status, ie: if you don't enable automatic login for at list one time, a registry key doesn't get created and status.dll won't be able to find your user to change the status; also if you have more users, please be sure to enable automatic login for your last logged user; pressing Ctrl+Shift+comma will force showing the error box; more, for the status changing to work with yahoo, you must manually set at least one status msg;
-added language switcher; please note that eZWeather doesn't support those UTF8 encoded strange language characters in non-unicode build version; so if you want to see letters in those languages, you must install unicode version of eZWeather.
-found a way to get the old weather iconID to show in tray icon tooltip;
-the temperature unit it's added dinamically after the degree value...ie -1C or 28F, depending on your settings (watch window title);
-built a unicode version which can display the wide chars (asian, arabic languages etc) in eZWeather's title bar/tooltips; updated the status.dll in order to set correctly unicode statuses in Y!M (again those asian,cyrilic,etc); this unicode version seems limited to W2k or later;
-updated the installer to suport unicode/nonunicode versions of the program;
-fixed a nasty bug when the tray icon rectangle detection causes the program to hang on a black tray icon due to a slow GetPixel() api when Aero theme is enabled; - 5 march 2012

-fixed the web control bordes (implemented IDocHostUIhandler); click open links in an external browser rather than the hosted control; also the hover looks now like genuine :) ; however, this requires a decent version of msie installed;
-please note that City name must contain only characters which can be used in URL address, since accuweather uses that name; sometime the description found after "automatic search" shows strange chars "PetreÅŸti, Romania" instead of "Petresti"; this is because that text is UTF8 encoded by google instead of "Petreşti"; you could leave it like that or edit it; however, trillian knows converting that utf into a normal text so in trillian you will have the correct text (with diacritics : ş,ţ,ă or other special characters etc);
-the temperature unit it's a compromise since the link can't let me set directly the unit like in the past; however I did a hack but you'll have to monitor the unit and change it as you want;
-the download progress control it doesn't work since the accuweather desn't report anymore the html filesize, so I stopped showing it;
-added msie ver in aboutbox; fixed some stuff around tray icon/baloon; fix 4 not saving checkbox state in options, and an error...path not found if dir for database file doesn't exist;
-updated the status.dll also; added more checks on yahoo versions in order to add later support to the newest y. ver...after 9.x; - 1 march 2012

-after not using the program for few months I found in not working because accuweathear changed the site format; so I quckly came with a fix; the way new site looks now make me made some major changes inside the program;
-not all feature works now, like setting the masure unit formats, graph, tray baloon with no icons (new format doesn't offer a way to get the weather icons) and detection of baloon location causes a black rectangle icon for a moment on Vista or higher.etc. - 1 may 2008
-a small modiffication inside status.dll to support to yahoo messenger 8.x;
-added support for trillian astra (alpha build 78); you should check "trillian 4 support" option; do not not use %U% option with astra because astra bans my url inside its status text. - 27 april 2008
-fixed tray icon not showing after restarting explorer.exe;
-the main problem till this version was memory leak problem; runned nonstop for 1-2days the program constantly expanded in memory due to mshtml parser which is a bad thing made by m$; I've gave up using mshtml and spent few days with the adaptations of some sourcecode I found, which handles html parsing;
-i've set the status to be changed 20 seconds after trillian is detected hoping that this will avoid some crashes inside trillian's yahoo.dll but unfortunatelly didn't;
-fixed also the "details for [1-15]" page which was changes on the server side and didn't worked
-flagged eZWeather as Freeware, added a license file, and made a setup for easy instalation; -
11 november 2006
-a quick fix and it's back to work; during last year it worked quite well showing weather conditions to my trillian friends; all know me now like the "weather man" :) - 17 february 2006

-friendly names (city,country) mapped when location selection is made from search dialog;
-added support for US zipcodes via search;
-searched locations can now be saved for later use; it will be inserted inside city listbox next time eZe starts;
-aded nice tooltip on tray icon (see image); tooltip images are stored inside \img\default\ dir where eZWeather is installed; you may replace it with new ones; format accepted .bmp/.gif/.jpg;

-new option for away message format:
%D% (current weather Description like "snow/fog")

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