ITimerPro v.

Project start date: 2000   
Status: Discontinued 

s an advanced software produced in Romania which counts the access to internet through Dial-Up!
- with this software you will be able to hold a relative evidence of wasted time and mony for your telephony provider;
- the program runs in 2 ways:
1. Live , "watching" on active connections (STD)
2. Modem log reader (MDML);

System requirements: Pentium 166, 32Mb RAM
OS:Win95,Win98 ,Win2k ,WinXP

Download ITimerPro (free version - read help to register) click image

Read the online help here

What's new in latest release: - 15 jul 2005

-enhanced tariff editor;
-new tarrif file for Romanian Romtelecom telephony sevice provider and our new Hard Lion ;)
-ITimerPro will announce again news,changed the checking url;
-ForceOnline.reg if you are online on cable (not dial up) and want to use ITimerPro clock sincronization;
-Attention "DayLight saving changes" at "Date and time proprieties" must be checked for time to be set correctly;
-nice things about DayLight (romanian)->;
-show tooltip when mouse over tray icon can now be handeled; - 7 october 2003

- the interface supports 4 themes (Green Days,Water Blue,Snow White,Metallicon);
- the Dialer works fine on both Win platforms (NT,9x); new timer control to show dialing seconds...and you can now specify a minimal connection Speed limit;
- you can see the password field on XP and Win2000
- the Engine has support for VAT and it can clculate costs using other currencies (Ex. Euro);
- from the contextual menu you can now connect,choose language and colour scheme;
- in Settings->Options->Advanced appears "System Hack" from where you can set ITimerPro to block DialUp "tray" icon or to hide all "network connections" directory;
- tray icon baloon (all win) showing different aspects of calculated time/cost;
- fixed reported bugs;

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