More things developed at CGSoftLabs:

MyDC++ v1.7 [based on DC++ v0.401] -free- [See Image]
MyDC++ features:
-upload/download limits;(min upload speed 1Kb)
-do not respond to searches;(no one will find your files)
-chances to be detected ~0;
-New in v1.6 : remove smallfiles from FakeShare;
-New in v1.7 [13-11-2004]: remove users if download speed is under some value;

Note :
- there is no known detector 4 MyDC++;and so will be in the future because: ver 1.7 will not be released to public !; The reason : escaping outside will kill dc++ world;
- download: My++v1.0 - size:462KB [8-04-2004]

eMule++ [based on eMule v042.e] -free-
What means ++:
- upload/download limits not linked;
- lock free slots;
- allow only to friends to download;
- download: eMule++ - size:1.4MB [8-04-2004]

CMyFadeButton v 1.0
- this small vc++class will let you create fade buttons from BITMAPS;
- the button created will be the same size as mapped bitmap;it will autostretch to fit the bitmap size;
- if you have a dialog skinned with a bitmap, you can create fade buttons indicating rectangles on that bitmap;
- the sourcecode price is 15$;
- download sample exe;

EviDent v1.0 beta [ momentan este depasit moral ]
- un program destinat medicilor stomatologi;
- folosea la generarea bazei de date ce trebuia predata Casei Nationale de Asigurari de Sanatate (CNAS);
- daca cineva este interesat, pot pune la dispozitie codul sursa;
- download EviDent;

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