Requirements : Windows + IExplorer 5.0 or higher
Status: Working On ver 2.x
Latest version
v [what's new]
last update: 18 december 2004
since april 2004
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IETools = PopUpKill3r + MouseGestures + Skins- PLUGIN for Microsoft Internet Explorer

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PopUpKill3r - the ultimate popup killing machine; will stop popups as you surf the net but will not interfear your normal browsing as other popup ad stopper software. Test your PopUp Killer here

  • Blocks 99% of annoying PopUp Ads;
  • Does not interfere with legitimate windows;
  • Maintains a history about blocked windows;
  • One click enable/disable from IExplorer context menu or by holding down a key;
  • Optionally play sound when popup is killed;

MouseGestures - hold down right mouse button and draw;

  • Track the movement of the mouse in the browser window;
  • Provide actions for the most common mouse gestures;

Other Features

  • Skins for Internet Explorer [see image]
  • Show preview images of Google/Yahoo searched pages + SiteRank (like GoogleToolbar)[see image]
  • Internet Explorer context menu integration;also in Tools menu;
  • Disable java scripts [statusbar,contextmenu modifiers,timers,and more];
  • Run external scripts inside MSIE at runtime;
  • Skip downloading files to SpeedUp browsing;
  • Spy Window to see what Msie does [downloads,tag names,links,childwindows names];
  • Search in page or with an external search engine then Highlite searched text;With History!!
  • Browse from,through IExplorer opened windows;[see]
  • Save from viewed pages: Flash/Images/Sounds/Scripts into sepatate folders;[see]
  • Icon in IExplorer status bar which will indicate blocked PopUps;[see]
  • Custom UrlFilter to block iexplorer downloads;
  • Proxy switcher;

Supported gestures:

minimize window
close window
Change Gestures Actions
history back   history forward
open link in new window   refresh toplevel window
maximize window   restore window
search for text
(browser selected or from clipboard)
IExplorer context menu integration
Custom UrlFilter to block iexplorer downloads
Quickly Save flash images and other stuff
Browse through IExplorer windows with mousewheel
Protected mode- icon shows that killer is active

Icon indicating that the page has popups

   All versions r UNICODE-less;this means that IEtools plugin won't work as it should be on those UNICODE html pages (UTF-16 etc.);it will be fixed in next versions;
   IETools is based on PopUpKill3r engine v 2.0; for an older version of PopUpKill3r click here
   On IExplorer 5.0 this plugin won't work well; Recomanded - IExplorer 6 or higher!


v. [18 december 2004]

  • bugfix not showing Images/PageRank on google/yahoo search if no java action selected in IETools options;
  • 2 options inside wheel iexplorer list to "close all" , "minimize all" iexplorer windows;
  • kill alert/confirm MessageBoxes only if not on click;(excluded javascript killing)
  • Spy++ try now to show images/flash source file path;(my lame IHTMLElement src parser)
  • bugfix Clipboard blocking copy/paste when "Enable clipboard txt search" not set;
  • fixed known bug : crash from time to time when open then close more instances of iexplorer..[when closing last iexplorer window];this bug was related to compiler code generation setting..switching from multithreaded to multithreaded dll solved the problem;

v. [9 october 2004]

  • option to show a little preview image of linked page when searching with google; [see image]
  • option to insert PageRank like "GoogleToolbar" beside each site found in search result;
    Note:last 2 options run serverside scripts,so if the servers r down you won't see nothing;
  • block Modal/Modeless dialogs use now hooking windows messages technique..javakilling also;
  • fixed a routine not blocking popups on refresh (javastuf onclick history.go(x));
  • using the same hooking windows messages..i found a way to kill alert,confirm javascript generated MessageBoxes;
  • IETools will make a pleasure surfing on most agressive sites:you'll have popup menu to save what you want,you'll see where the links points in iexplorer statusbar to avoid voting or navigation to unwanted sites,the webpages won't change their size,no alert/modal messageboxes;
    Note:IETools handle most of situations..this means that isn't infallible!!
  • fixed a bug causing iexplorer to stop responding;

v. [4 october 2004]

  • implemented that skin stuff;
  • fixed a bug in proxy switching code;
    Note: you will need to perform a "refresh" mousegesture action to apply settings change to others msie instances;
  • skinned msie conetxt menu;
  • smart context menu...menubreaks and disabled items, will be removed;
  • finally option to not load IETools builtin css;(black&flat scrollbars..hover on links);soon exeternal CSS;
  • option to kill window javascripts like moveTo resizeTo;
  • "kill statusbar modifiers" kill also self.status;
  • save last date when "reset" "killed popups/visited pages" number;
    SkinLib related "bugs" :
    -iexplorer window text shows only one char on ie6;
    -ietools context menu integration won't work on skinned menu;
    -icon in iexplorer status bar won't be shown in skinned mode;
    -iexplorer tolbars wrong skinned;
    -messagebox "..blabla trial version of SkinMagic"

Be a sponsor.. donate to help me buying SkinMagicLib and develop IETools!

v. [30 may 2004]

  • fixed a bug which crashed msie when opening link in new window from mouse gesture;
  • new interface!;
  • choose to show icon in msie Statusbar;
  • setdeep/clear Search History;
  • proxy switcher;
  • log how many visited webpages;
  • ietools.dll at the end around 332K;reflected on download size (see what's after download size..with + means de difference in kb from last version)

v. [27 may 2004]

  • fixed link detection routine;on some iframe (InsideFrames) wasn't able to detect element clicked on, in result no new window onclick;
  • antidrag/antiselect killer; this is for all tag elements;
  • anti onload/onunload killing option; working only on <body> tag; 90% of popup windows starts from body tag;read msdn for see all interfaces which can fire this event;i won't implement blocking for all :) TAKE CARE some sites won't work if you check this options. See again;if you select "kill timers" or "kill onload/unload"..the update won't start!!
  • FilterList which allow PopUps on specific sites/domains;block download for specific files;the custom filter works with " * ";Example:" *.ico " will block download of all url's ending with that extension;can be used like this too " *adds* " in which case..all urls containing those letters will be blocked;
  • SpyWindow resizing;FilterList window also;
  • new feature:"Jmp2Url";if selected text or clipboard text is an http address..if this option is checked..when draw "Z"orro for searching, msie will go to that address instead searching for text;
  • Mouse gestures can now be associated!
    -an msie instance is a standalone task which can be identified in Windows Task Manager;each instance can have more than one iexplorer windows attached;
    -when you change GesturesAssociation or UrlFilter you will need to restart other instances of iexplorer in order to become active;the modifications will work instant only on msie instance where you've changed them;
    -as a workaround you may want to perform a Refresh mouse gesture to update modifications in other msie instances;

v. [22 may 2004] Stable Version [ i hope ]

  • fixed a bug which caused msie crash on some sites;related to APP interface implementation;
  • this version is much more stable than last two which i thing shouldn't be released ;p;
  • changed routine of enumerating IExplorer windows;now works fine under w98 too;added option to see in that wheellist, Explorer windows too;
  • "Save files" img/flash/java/sound..2 nights of hard working to build this feature;i'm new in COM programming;spending more time reading docz and posting on msnewsgroups;learned more about msie DOM,thread sincro,browser cache;writed a parser to get Flash links from IEHTMLElement interface;
  • ietools.dll around 252K;
  • find that a program called IEToolkil will block normal running of IETools;due to a lack in IEToolkit code i thing...;Spy Window will not show any text;also some javascript disabeling methods will not work;fix: uninstall IEToolkit;
  • fixed a bug;timers were killed even checkbox not checked;(forgot to put {} after an if); refuses to start a cause of this;
  • Search History;
  • when killer is active a green icon will stand in iexplorer statusbar;this will show that surfing is done in protected mode;when a popup is killed this icon will turn to red;
  • will allow new windows when clicking on flash items;will allow open OnMouseDown and OnMouseUp too;
  • images in WheelScroll window..will show you which is the active window;
  • enhanced SpyWindow;search abilitys;new feature "Spy++",this will let you see element TagName under cursor [requires msie 6],and MSIE child windows classname;
  • enhanced KillMenuModifiers scheme; go to and see 4 have rightclick meu :)

v. [14 may 2004]

  • changed killer link_click detection routine in order to work on win9x as good as on XP/2k;
  • UNICODE-ized;there is a probl. win9x doesn't support Registry functions as unicode!i'm looking forward to find a solution for not releasing 2 separate versions :)
  • fixed a bug with showModalDialog javascript function - not blocked;Note if u choose to block this script..then all showModalDialog scripts will be disabled..even good ones..triggered by mouseclick!;there will be no sound telling that a popup was hooked because newwindow will never be called so.. if u notice a link that doesn't open on mouseclick this should be probably the cause;
  • SpyWindow shows now more text..0xffffwin-9x 0xffffffff-WinNT;
  • search selected txt on wide chars(chinese etc.) won't handle strings differently for those languages..."q=%a%b%c%d.."..where a,b,c..bytes..and 0xab==TCHAR;
  • fixed clipboard format for _UNICODE/ANSI;just copy some IExplorer and draw "Z"orro;
  • fixed search string on w98 when Z-search;
  • msie page will not scroll when selecting RightClick+MouseWeel;
  • option to not download .js + files over a given size;"All images" MIME style..will be blocked all reported Content Type: image/xxxx;Block "All video+sound";
  • changed url file detection routine..when hide images;Ex 4 the image link after hiding images will show img-imagex.gif;previous versions..img-imagex.gif?text:http://aaa%20;
  • option to autohide images when download complete;now u don't need to open context menu to hide images;
  • fixed some bogus which crashes msie;still to fix more :)
  • "Disable StatusBar modifiers" works now much better; also "No Context Menu modifiers";
  • option to disable script timers...timers have to do with popups or animation stuff in most of cases;
  • option to run an external script after each frame is loaded;(For experts,the code is executed on DISPID_NAVIGATECOMPLETE2;see Boxify.js inside instalation dir;

v. [8 may 2004]

  • added whitelist;on sites listed there,IETools will allow popups;to add a site to ehitelist see IETools menu from IExplorer context menu!
  • add SpyWindow..will let u see what IExplorer try to download..aka html/gif/flash etc.
  • block downloading images;this will speed your browsing actions!Note:only when downloading from "http://"..not from "file:///";
  • block oncontextmenu javascripts;now you can have IExplorer context menu on those pages;
  • "hide images" will show a link like img-aaa,where "aaa" is the name of file pointed by the url of linked image;if no pointng file will show only an "img lnk" text;
  • "Search 4 selected text" will first search if some text is selected on browser frame,then will try to get the text from clipboard;implemented as gesture too,draw "Z" to see;

v. [3 may 2004]

  • kill status bar modifiers (those nasty window.status javascripts);
  • hide images from IExplorer context menu;linked images will show a "lnk" text when hide;
  • search dialog with font colouring and anchors between places where text is found;

v. [1 may 2004]

  • find a way to not treat iexplorer as a popup when click a link in Outlook;
  • mousegestures are available now soon after new iexplorer instance is started;
  • right click + mouse wheel => scroll through IExplorer windows;win98 invalidate() suckz;
  • maximize+restore as gestures;
  • select some txt then right click menu will have an "Search for selected txt" on google option;
  • changed link detection routine;now leftclick+dragdown to open link in new window works on win98 too; so IExlporer 5.0 supported;this was a real pain in the a.. :)
  • tuned up some killing techniques based on ;supported all common popup techniques;
  • tested here: ;PopUpKill3r engine rates 86-100%
  • IETools has a builtin CSS style..that's why you see black scrollbar fonts and links different than IExplorer without this plugin;in future versions i'll add an option to modify this;
  • option to disable Modal/Modeless script Dialogs which can't be catched onclick;
  • delete killed list,reset killed number;
  • script errors can be now ignored;especially when disable ModalDialogs because this generates some errors;this will let a left statusbar of IExplorer clean of errors :)