What's up Doc?

18 dec 2004
IEtools released [see what's new]

4 dec 2004
(New) DWeather A littel proggie which gets the weather from accuweather.com [see image]
-a venit vremea schiului si trebuia sa am pe desktop prognoza meteo pentru Predeal;
-am folosit mshtml ca parser pentru paginile downloadate de la accuweather.com :)

9 oct 2004
IEtools 2.3 released [see image] (also check the messageboard for beta news&releases)


4 oct 2004
IEtools 2.2 see picture
Help developing IETools ->Make a Donation!

oct 2004

Stud_PE WinXP sp2 bugfix

30 may 2004

PopUpKiller+MouseGestures for Internet Explorer !

april 2004

What's new


28 march 2004
(New) WebZip 1.5

What's new

march 2004
CableMon 1.5

for Win2k , WinXP this file is need -> WinPcap.zip
What's new

15 march 2004
EviDent (v1.0 beta)
Un program util medicilor stomatologi.
Foloseste la generarea bazei de date ce trebuie predata Casei Nationale de Asigurari de Sanatate (CNAS).
DOWNLOAD EviDent v 1.0 (173Kb)

18 october 2003
CableMon 1.1
DOWNLOAD CableMon v 1.1 (436Kb)
for win2k this file is need -> 2.1-WinPcap.zip




10 october 2003
 CableMon 1.0
(alpha preview)
This program lets you monitor the performance of your Internet LAN-based network connections; it is designed to work both winNt & win9x platforms although it wasn't tested on 9x systems.
Esti abonat la Astral, RDS sau alt provider de internet pe cablu si vrei sa stii cu cat iti merge downloadu'? Stai pe faza!!

(11 oct fixed..added old winpcal2.3..seems new alpha winpcap drivers doesn't install on my xp machine).

8 october 2003
 ITimerPro (english - romanian)

See ITimerPro page by selecting it from the left menu.
  VC++ class CGetDialUpPwd v 1.0
The source code price for getting WinXP Win2k DialUp passwords is 100$.See this class in action downloading ITimerPro.
TariffFilePack (contine cateva tarife neincluse in setup-ul ITimerPro : EasyNet,ZappOnline,Romtelecom convorbiri locale si nationale).

3 october 2003
CMyFadeButton v 1.0
-this small vc++class will let you create fade buttons from BITMAPS;
-the button created will be the same size as mapped bitmap;
-if u have a dialog skinned bitmap you can create fade buttons indicating rectangles on that bitmap;
-the sourcecode price is 15$;
-see class info;
DOWNLOAD CFadeButton demo exe

Finally the site is working;

It will be soon updated..new interface is to come;
StudPE 1.8 devine foarte popular;A aparut un articol in "Romania Libera" de miercuri 1 oct;
...in fine, cam caraghios ;p

26 august 2003
Stud_PE 1.8.0
-cel mai popular program produs pana acum a suferit un mic update;
-noutati aflati din pagina dedicata softului;

Mai veki

IETools este cotat cu 5 stele pe situl SoftPedia

ITimerPro este cotat cu 5 stele pe situl SoftPedia

CableMon este cotat cu 5 stele pe situl SoftPedia

StudPE1.8 apare
in ziarul "Romania libera"
miercuri 1 octombrie 2003

si in revista italiana
numarul din octombrie

since 3 april 2004