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TrillWamp Request

Posted: Tue Mar 21, 2006 6:07 pm
by nitpick
i use several hotkeys on my OS and i was wondering if you could make the hotkeys for your plugin configurable ... it presents many problems ... in fact if i am doing anything with test and have to select a previous word (CTRL+SHIFT+LEFT ARROW) it toggles the plugin on/off ... this plugin is not much good to me if i can not have it work properly under normal operations ... if you dont mind terribly adding that tweak i would appreciate it

Posted: Wed Mar 22, 2006 1:54 pm
by CGSoftLabs
U're among 1-2-3% ones which make use ohe those shortcuts;
well I'll thing about it for the next version.

Posted: Wed Mar 22, 2006 8:56 pm
by nitpick
thanks for considering it .....

3% though i though the stats for hotkey users would be way up...

as a gamer i use hotkeys all the time for desktop shortcuts....bunch of other that i can control stuff like music during gameplay (mainly because alt-tabbing will get you killed)

Posted: Thu Mar 23, 2006 6:09 am
by CGSoftLabs
"as a gamer" u waste your life for nothin' :!:


Posted: Tue Mar 28, 2006 10:14 pm
by nitpick
LMAO....forgive my misuse of the slang term...when I use that term I am merely pointing out that when I am playing a computer game (perhaps once or twice every weekend) I use hotkeys because speed and efficiency are key for me I am not wasting my life (well perhaps...conversing through a forum is quite wasteful [hopefully it will produce results though]) I am only 20 years old at the moment...I just recently entered the DEP program for the US Navy...I plan to do as much as I can while I little waste as possible (but I do not consider enjoying life wasteful by any means .... you live then you cease to exist if you are not trying to enjoy life you are wasting it)...speaking of that:

--P.S. none of that was a flame by any means I am just a very verbose person...I like details and try to be as specific as possible (mostly to the annoyance of people around me :-/ )

-_-Å»-_-BACK ON TOPIC-_-Å»-_-

I have yet another suggestion/request for the plugin...during operation I noticed that if I change songs rapidly and the plugin detects the change and updates the away message concurrently the AIM servers boot me...I was thinking that maybe a condition that takes a 5 second comparison of the winamp title so that if one is browsing for a song by playing a little of each item it will not change the away message until one has settled on the desired song....if that was confusing let me try to say it another way (I do have trouble sometimes getting my mind across to others with words)...what I am trying to say is like...instead of directly taking the title over into the away message have it taken into a variable every time it changes and in five seconds if that variable is the same as the current winamp title then change the away message...that will probably stop AIM from kicking the user...

laterz yo

Posted: Wed Mar 29, 2006 3:39 pm
by CGSoftLabs
nitpick wrote: ...seconds if that variable is the same as the current winamp title then change the away message...that will probably stop AIM from kicking the user...
1.well... when I work..I fix people's teeth..when I play...I write code for trilliwamp expressor and some other software :)
2. do you know what is it for "How fast the away should be changed" input box in trilliwamp's settings?

Posted: Sun Apr 02, 2006 2:48 pm
by nitpick
LOL ... yeah i guess it would have been useful to actually look at the settings ;p ... i configured when i installed it and never looked back ;p ... well anyways thats for pointing out my idiocy ... btw i hope you stick with playing with this plugin cuz i love it for broadcasting my song status.... i used to use a script i wrote for my website...i had a vbs that posted song info to an asp page of mine and then the asp page wrote it to a text file and my homepage read the text file lines and wrote my current song...but this is much better...