TestPage V2.4 (altough new IExplorer built in popupkiller seems to stop this popups you still can't have rightclick menu,you can't see where link points...)

This page attempted to open pop-up windows:

  • While the page loaded;
  • During the page's onload() event;
  • As you leave onunload() event;
  • Alert/confirm javascript MessageBoxes;
  • showModalWindow script (v1.3)

Also this page won't let you have rightclick popup menu,select text and drag images;

To propertly view this page

  • Enable IETools popupkill3r;
  • Kill alert/confirm java;
  • Disable modal-modeless PopUps;
  • Disable StatusBar modifiers
  • Kill select/drag and menumodifiers

If you haven't seen any pop-ups, then your popup killer is working properly (so far).

Script Test
While this pagewas loading, this page attempted to open two pop-up windows.  After the second pop-up window in the onload() event, it tried to execute script to change the text in the box below from "Script test failed" to "Script test passed".  Your popup killer does not interfere with a page's script, and so should pass this test.

Stress Test
Stress tests attempt to overcome your pop-up killer by trying to spawn large numbers of windows as quickly as possible.  This is a very synthetic test, since only a malicious site would attempt to open more than half a dozen pop-up windows at once.  Never attempt this test without your popup killer running.  When the test is run, exactly one pop-up window should be allowed to open by your popup killer (as it is supposed to).

Number of windows to open:

Warning: though unlikely, it is possible that this test could cause a crash; make sure to save your work before attempting it.  Also, if you run the test with a very large number of windows, your system may stop responding temporarily while they are processed.

Element Events Test
This test will attempt to open pop-up windows in response to two non-navigational events by the user (these should be blocked).  Below is a white box that tries to create a pop-up window when it encounters the following events:

  • onmouseover (fires when the mouse moves into the box)
  • onmouseleave (fires when the mouse moves out of the box)  
Move mouse over this rectangle

Navigation Test
Below are some typically used navigation objects, all of which open a new pop-up window.  When you click/activate them, Your popup killer should properly allow the pop-up window to open.

Refresh Test
The button below, when clicked, refreshes this page.  When it does, your popup blocker should block the three pop-up windows that the page tries to open (one when the page unloads, another two when the page loads again).