TrilliWamp v. 1.7.5

Project start date: february 2006  
Status: In work  

is a little plugin for TrillianPro. It changes your Trillian
away message with current Winamp playing song; It was designed to work with Trillian 2.x 3.x. 4(alpha 78) and with almost all winamp versions.

What can do:
- set away status to winamp's song;
- autorespond with it;
- enable an alias;(ie. when you type "/song")
- select on which medium away will be set;
- enable click on tooltip links (contactlist);
- random status changer based on an input file;

How to install:
First assure that you don't have an older version of this plugin
loaded inside a running instance of trillian; if so, unload it
before proceeding (Trillian->Preferences->Plugins>TrilliWamp);
1.Run setup.exe
2.Select the path to the Trillian's Plugin directory and install;
3.Enable it from Trillian->Preferences->Plugins->TrilliWamp;
Manual: (if you have an older .zip archive)
1.Create a folder "TrilliWamp" inside Trillian's plugin dir;
2.Extract content there (trilliwamp.dll and status.dll etc.);
3.Enable it from Trillian->Preferences->Plugins->TrilliWamp;

Requirements: TrillianPro 2x-3x (hope 4 Astra)
See Trillian's minimum hardware requests.
OS:Win2k ,WinXP (native 100%)

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See TrilliWamp on Trillian's
official site here

Also a thread on Trillian's forum which describe some issues here
Download TrilliWamp (freeware)

What's new in latest release (for minor versions check download page) : - 10 ian 2009

- they added some support api in astra build 93 and thefore Trilliamp tryes to use it; the problem is that it changes all the mediums to away state when it sets the text, or at least the ones which suport custom text in "away" mode; now on Astra it won't happen the well known Focus problem, caused by the way trilliwamp handeled that issue;
- added that song note ♫ which is nice and it's shown also in Astra with current song;
- %EZ% will show the weather condition from eZWeather.exe; eZWeather must be running (like winamp) and must be the latest version which I haven't uploadet yet at this moment :P
- link detection mostly don't work; they've modified again and I'll wait the final coz I'm tired doing changes for betas;

1.7.4 - 30 april 2008

-first attempts to support Astra (tested on alpha build 78);
-the tooltip enhancement won't work (astra's tooltip itself has a bug in this version); I hope that they'll add link detection so we don't need to support anymore this feature.
-it seems that the coders canceled the old "Add new status" dialog at a certain moment and they added later in the alpha, due to some requests or so.. but readded it with some bugs; therefore, to use trilliwamp status changer you must check "Autorespond option"; it won't work else!;
-the second problem is that they didn't liked my %U% inside the format field and decided to ban my url; so you must delete %U% because "" it's a banned status :)), astra will refuse to set a status with my url inside it; it's such a shame that they did this but that's it, if they belive that my site can't handle the traffic generated by that link...they are wrong, the traffic log for my site is public :) (instead they have happy CUSTOMERS using my plugin)

1.7.3 - 8 may 2007

-added support for new line separator to "Text Formatting" editbox; just insert '***' where you want a new line to begin;
-support for "mms://" links in tooltip detection routine;
-added support for Google Talk;
-changed away status for Jabber from "Extended Away" to "Away";

1.7.1 - 20 april 2006

-due to lack of space, added a new preference page, "Other Settings";
-well,the reason of not using default browser is based on the observation that when not using shellexec with default browser iexplorer will start faster;
-added option to disable/enable status changing via longer shortcuts; this was done because of people complains; use CTRL+SHIFT+whatever you want;
-those hidden settings were implemented on this "Other Settings" page;
-tooltip will be aligned to right if trillian's window is docked on the left side of the screen;

1.6.3 - 18 february 2006

-fixed previous version(1.6) which because of an internal flag refuses to change away status when winamp is playing;
-in the "status.txt" file if you want to use formatted text ie: multiline, put "***" where you want the new line to start; the rule is still: one text line = one away message;
-now when winamp is closed you won't see that "Away-" text in trillian's statusbar altough you are available; It seems that "This is an away state" works only when you switch to "Available" status on yahoo medium; it won't insert that "Away-" text, otherwise I can't find its meaning;
-when winamp is playing, if you want to temporary disable status modification press Ctrl+Shift between 1 and 2 seconds; pressing once again it will enable it; a short beep will tell you that the modification has been done. (high tone enabled, lower disabled)
-fixed (I hope) something in status.dll which caused trill to hang when ezweather&trilliwamp try to change in the same time trillian's staus;
-updated the pattern used by regexp to find urls from tooltip text; this pattern is more precise;

1.5- 14 february 2006

-SDK v1.0; (not tested)
-initialized seed for rand() function when reading random away messages from external file; now it's really random :)
-now you can live see away mesaage changing for "Random" option, right after check/uncheck and hit Apply;
-fixed a deadlock caused by SetForegroundWindow() inside status .dll;
-decreased back plugin's size 240KB(v1.4) -> ~120KB(v1.5);
-enhanced tooltip link detection; (long links which span over more than one or two lines) it can detect up to 10 links inside away message; now text after first url it's no more painted in blue; also limited url painting only at tooltip window..(contact list and others, were painted also in previous version); added also hand cursor when moving over links; this tooltip hooking stuff was a hell of a project;altough,this implementation it's not perfect.

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