WebZipExplorer v. 1.5

Project start date: september 2002  
Status: Paused  

a little tool which will let you download only what you want from ZIP archives.

Requirements: Pentium 166, 16Mb RAM
OS:Win95,Win98 ,Win2k ,WinMe,WinXP (native 100%) + IExplorer 5.x (for ftp support)

Download WebZipExplorer (free version) click image

What's new in latest release:
1.5 - 28 march 2004

-FTP support;must have IExplorer 5.0 or higher installed;
-user/pass, port can be now specified;
-proxy support;
-url tokenitzer,like MSIE AdressBar (see image)
-this ver. is free!!

-the hosting servers must support RESUME protocol for this proggie to work;
-WebZip struggle with WinInet api's;on ftp protocol there is a function "FtpCommand" which doesn't work as it's said;
See KB255204 - MSDN..so although some servers support RESUME..WebZip will not succeed;the only way to bypass this is that msoft to fix this bug or provide a way to workaround;i'm not going to write winsocks!

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