ShareIt purchasing service is down

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ShareIt purchasing service is down

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I have stopped the selling for all products from Share-It interface; due to an unknown charge taken from me; they pretend to not know about it; I have kindly asked to see what's with that charge; I'm waiting the response for months!!

However, I am disappointed by this service; they have an incredible high rate of charge-backs; and for a charge-back they never loose; in other words, for each charge-back you loose share-it fees;

If you sell one product with 120$ their fee is ~10$ so you receive 110$; now, if a charge-back occurs they take 120$ from your account, although you have only 110$; so you'll end up with a -10$ :?

In other words, they tax me for their incompetency ; more, they doesn't let me a way to check orders before charging to avoid some ridiculous buyers e-mail addresses like ; they said that if they would let me do that the customer may not want to buy the item while waiting for me to verify the order; so lame; yes, this is it the famous Share-It anti-fraud shield :evil:

If someone is interested in purchasing a product till I'll solve this issue please contact me and we will do it in other way; wire, pay-pall if you prove that you own a software site and your pay-pall mail is linked to your site etc.

I don't want to sell my software to thieves.