TrilliWamp request... :)

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TrilliWamp request... :)

Post by Nikeschuh »

Well.. cant you make that this %S% variable is a global one?
I mean.. like i got an away msg like this

Hey im atm not at my comp.

as normal away msg... cant you make that i can use the %S% in normal msgs? So i dont have to change the TrillWamp settings all the time... like

Hey im atm not at my comp.
But ya can leave a msg...

Now playing: %S%

so i can change that "hey~ in whatever i want to without going to the settings.. and i would have breaks in the away... :)
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Post by CGSoftLabs »

Multiline is supported only for random away status changer;

%S% global? perhaps the posibility to define multiple away messages inside trilliwamp and swich between with a shortcut key;
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